Common Mistakes in English – 02

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Common Mistakes in English- 02 

1.    Incorrect : Do your work without to speak.

Correct : Do your work without speaking.

Note : Preposition এরপর verb এর ing form বসে|

2.    Incorrect : He is quite capable to do that.

Correct : He is quite capable of doing that.

Note : Capable এবং incapable এরপর of + (Verb+ing) বসাতে হয়|

3.    Incorrect : Mary is able of doing the work.

Correct : Mary is able to do the work.

Note : able এবং unable এরপর infinitive বসে|

4.    Incorrect : I object to be treated like this.

Correct : I object to being treated like this.

Note : Object to, accustomed to, look forward to, mission to, confess to, with a/the view to, surprise to এরপর verb + ing বসে|

5.    Incorrect : Rajib is used to get up early.

Correct : Rajib is used to getting up early.

Note : get/ be + used to Gici verb + ing e‡m| কিন্তু শুধুমাত্র used to এর পরে verb এর simple form বসে।

6.    Incorrect : You might went there.

Correct : You might go there.

Note : Modal auxiliary-র পর verb এর simple form বসে।

7.    Incorrect : It is me.

Correct : It is I.

Note : ‘to be” verb এর পর pronoun এরsubjective form হবে, objective form হবে না।

8.    Incorrect : I have a brother which is at school.

Correct : I have a brother who is at school.

Note : which বসে বস্তু এবং ইতর প্রাণীর ক্ষেত্রে, আর who, whom এবং whose বসে মানুষের ক্ষেত্রে|

9.    Incorrect : These two boys help one another.

Correct : These two boys help each other.

Note : দু’য়ের মধ্যে পারষ্পরিক কোন কিছু বোঝাতে each other বসে।

10.  Incorrect : These three boys help each other.

Correct: These three boys help one another.

Note : দুই এর অধিক এর মধ্যে পারষ্পরিক কোন কিছু বোঝাতেone another বসে।

11.   Incorrect : Please give me one other book.

Correct : Please give me another book.

Note : আরও যে কোন একটি বোঝাতে another বসে, one other বা an other বসে না।

12.   Incorrect : John is the tallest of the two boys.

Correct : John is the taller of the two boys.

Note : দুইটি ব্যক্তি বা বস্তুকে যখন compare করা হয়, তখন comparative degree হবে, superlative degree হবে না।

13.   Incorrect : John is taller from his brother.

Correct : John is taller than his brother.

Note : Comparative degree তে than বসে, কিন্তু from বসে না।

14.   Incorrect : In the afternoon I stay home.

Correct : In the afternoon I stay at home.

Note : in the house বোঝাতে at home বসে, কিন্তু come ও go এর সাথে কোন preposition বসে না। Ex- I want to go home.

15.   Incorrect : English is not easy to be learnt.

Correct : English is not easy to learn.

Note : easy, difficult, hard, heavy good etc. এই adjective গুলির পরে active infinitive বসে।

16.   Incorrect : As usually, he left his pen at home.

Correct : As usual, he left his pen at home.

Note : As usual হচ্ছে as is usual এর সংক্ষিপ্ত রূপ;as usually এই phrase টি incorrect.

17.   Incorrect : The student gave his examination.

Correct : The student took his examination.

Note : পরীক্ষা দেয়া বোঝালে take অথবা sit for বসে,  আর পরীক্ষা নেয়া বোঝালে give অথবা set বসে।

18.   Incorrect : I shall speak him about that.

Correct : I shall speak to him about that.

Note : speak এরপর preposition বসবে।

19.   Incorrect : Can you supply me all I need?

Correct : Can you supply me with all I need?

Note : supply someone with something এর পরিবর্তে supply someone something হবে না।

20. Incorrect : Think a number and then double it.

Correct : Think of a number and then double it.

Note : কোন ব্যক্তি বাবস্তু সম্পর্কে চিন্তা করা বোঝাতে think এর think of হবে।

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